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d 2048 Answers from the Community A couple of thoughts.The program is a good platform.I had used another program and failed to realize I had some major issues with my notepad (I'm too close to this program) But once I figured it out, I was right at the edge of editing out of the WYSIWYG for a paragraph, but didn't get there. See if you can figure out what your problem is, and that will help you figure out the correct answer to your problem. 0 Like this comment? Sign up for email alerts from CNET_TV Thank you for your feedback. Your image has been saved. Browse through our editors' picks for great apps and games of 2016. You might be able to use a notepad in wordpad mode, which would allow you to edit the formatting but not actually save the file. That may or may not solve your problem. Notepad++ is a text editor that I've found to be pretty good. It's free and you might be able to get a key for the free version. I haven't used it myself but I've heard good things about it. Some editors like Sublime Text and VScode are WYSIWYG editors. Those are easy to learn and can be very powerful. Not sure you would want to learn how to use a program that would allow you to easily save your work and the program might have some rules you'd need to follow if you used that sort of editor. I'm no expert but I have used Notepad++ before. That was on a Windows 7 computer, but I think it may work on a Windows 10 computer as well. It's a very powerful text editor that can do just about anything you want. While I use it on a Windows computer, I believe there is a version for Mac and Linux as well. Your image has been saved. Browse through our editors' picks for great apps




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Proprompter Software 330 Serial 44 einbal

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